growit training courses

growit training

growit training will help you to provide pupils with hands-on learning opportunities to explore the world of plants and the seasons. growit trainers will give you the skills and techniques to work with pupils to create and maintain a productive, edible garden as a rich resource for teaching and learning.

Schools do not need a large and ready plot of available land to take part in growit. The techniques employed can be adapted to growing in a traditional style allotment, raised beds, classroom patios or even simply containers.

growit courses

growit level 1 - INITIATE (one-day course)
growit teaches children about the importance of horticulture and gardening; to understand how crops grow, and to enable children to apply gardening skills as part of their curriculum. growit level 1 enables teachers to set the foundations for gardening safely with children, and to understand how to implement horticulture skills as a part of the core curriculum.

growit level 2 - DEVELOP (one-day course)
growit level 2 builds upon teachers skills in growit, enabling them to develop innovative topics and lessons which incorporate gardening with an emphasis on the environment and sustainability. growit level 2 enables teachers to build firm foundations for implementing gardening within the core curriculum.

growit level 3 - EMBED (one-day course)
growit level 3 enables teachers to fully embed horticulture skills and a wide range of gardening activities across all Key Stages. growit level 3 focuses on developing enterprise initiatives, provides a wider understanding of how we all fit into the eco-system, and shows how the curriculum may be enhanced through the embedding of school horticulture.

secure and embed success

Success with DT and Maths in the School Garden (one-day course)
This practical workshop focuses on how to bring DT and maths together through horticulture in the school garden. Suitable for participants at KS1 or KS2, the course content will cover the safe use of a range of garden tools and materials to create innovative designs for use in the garden. The course will focus on how to select, build and test materials and designs, enabling an understanding of structure and suitability.

To register an interest in our 2016/17 CPD training programme, or to request a brochure, please email or telephone 01491 832370.

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