Helen Hamlyn Trust

Open Futures is directed and supported by the Helen Hamlyn Trust, a registered charity that was established in 2001 as a successor to the Helen Hamlyn Foundation.

The Trust’s core ethos is to support the development of innovative projects, which aim to effect lasting change and improve quality of life. As an independent grant making Trust, its principal focus is on the initiation of medium and long-term projects linked to the shared interests of Lady Hamlyn and her late husband Lord Hamlyn.

The Trust works in the fields of medicine, arts and culture, education and welfare, healthy ageing, international humanitarian affairs, and heritage and conservation in India.

Notable projects

  • The establishment and ongoing support of the work of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for inclusive design at the Royal College of Art.
  • Helping to increase access to the arts and supporting the professional development of young composers with the London Symphony Orchestra and performing artists working outside the mainstream, in collaboration with the Royal Opera House.
  • A two year project in partnership with the Prison Service, under the leadership of Professor Karen Bryan, Surrey University which established that speech and language therapy with young offenders made a positive contribution to the regimes of young people in prison and bridged health and education issues. The government, through the Bercow Review, have accepted the findings of the project and have funded a trial next year, by the Communications Trust, to whom Professor Bryan is now advisor, to have all young offenders assessed for communication difficulties. This comes on top of a commitment to assess all children before they start primary school.
  • Working with the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs(IIHA), which was set up by Dr Kevin Cahill’s foundation, CIHC, at Fordham University New York. The Institute offers an academic base for the study and development of international health, human rights and other humanitarian issues, especially those that occur in periods of conflict.
  • Innovation and advanced medical research projects, including the establishment of the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery with Imperial College, and stem cell research to restore sight at Moorfields Eye Hospital.
  • In India, the Trust is supporting and working on several major projects including the conservation of Ahhichatragargh Fort, Nagaur, the restoration and reuse of the Annpurna Bhandar building at Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer and the Khajuraho Heritageconservation and landscape project.


Helen Hamlyn Trust
Registered Charity No: 1084839
A charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in England No: 04115082
Registered Office: 66 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3LH