Announcing our new CPD modular training programme

Open Futures is thrilled to announce the launch of a new modular training programme, designed to make our courses more accessible to individual teachers, and to schools who would like to benefit from all that Open Futures has to offer, but who have not been able to access the programme before.

We are aware of the pressures on schools with tightening budgets and the need to demonstrate improvements in teaching and learning becoming ever more explicit. As a result, the new programme aims to make the Open Futures courses available in a more accessible, cost effective and flexible way. 

Based upon the success of the existing CPD workshops, Open Futures has moved away from providing a 'set package' of training to schools, and apply a modular training model approach to the main programme itself.

The result of this is that we have now formally benchmarked the individual strand learning outcomes of the programme, in line with a new extended Quality Mark, and have created progressive ‘Core’ training modules which reflect each level of practise. The training modules will be made available at a per person cost to whole schools, groups of schools and to individual teachers thorough a series of shared ‘Open Courses’ which we will run nationally from Autumn 2016.

The training modules deliver quality professional development to teachers, TA's and senior leaders, and typically comprise of one day tutored courses facilitated by our professional training partners. Each course module delivers a minimum of 6 hours of CPD training. 

The training programme is progressive and starts within each of our core strands as level 1 ‘Initiate’ progresses through to level 2 ‘Develop’ and further to level 3 ‘Embed’. Each course module is designed to deliver a benchmark of professional learning and is accompanied by a set of high quality resources, enabling teachers to translate what they have learned back in school with their pupils. 

We will continue to offer a range of progression and cross-strand workshops which again are offered as whole school events, or as on demand open courses.

For further information, please visit Our Courses.

To request a 2016/17 training programme brochure please email your postal address to