New filmit tool: Structural Learning Bricks

In the first filmit workshops of the new school term, Open Futures have been using an engaging classroom tool to help learners think critically and creatively.

Structural Learning Bricks are engaging bricks that hold information. Children use the bricks to connect their ideas and stack them to show what they are thinking.

Structural Learning transforms critical and creative thinking into a physical experience. This new classroom strategy addresses the development of both subject knowledge and literacy skills. Informed by evidence and educational best practice this approach supports deeper thinking across all subjects.

The process is based upon cognitive science and the term ‘Structural Learning’ refers to the idea of helping learners connect, clarify and build a schematic understanding of the world around them. The principle of the bricks is that they force students to apply higher order thinking to tasks. They have to think about what is important and how different information compares to each other.

Within the filmit workshops the bricks have helped children sequence stories and rank the importance of information. So far in the sessions the bricks have helped children get to grips with key concepts like 'What would you need for space travel?' and 'What makes a good film?'.

The key part to building with their thoughts is that they have to elaborate and explain their construction. This provided perfect practice for writing as the bricks allow children to find natural linguistic solutions that support their ideas.

The bricks have also proven to be a useful tool in askit workshops. The building bricks provide a place for children’s ideas to be held and challenged. It helps groups of children engage in social negotiation e.g. ‘this brick is more important than this one because…'. Resulting with a construction which represents the groups ideas.

Over the next few months the Open Futures team will be exploring other applications for this engaging and thoughtful classroom tool. 

£120 for a large box of 120 Structural Learning Bricks (including miniature Whiteboards).

If you would like to place an order or require further information about the bricks, please email us at or telephone 01491 832370.