Open Futures Flagship Schools are our greatest ambassadors!

Our Flagship Schools represent the very best of Open Futures by supporting the development of our skills and enquiry learning programme; through meeting the benchmarking quality standard, and by actively demonstrating and showcasing the Hallmarks of Open Futures.


We are proud to have 25 Flagship Schools nationally. Our Flagship Award was launched in 2013 and is presented to schools who have successfully sustained the Open Futures approach to learning and teaching by continuing to embed our core learning strands into their curriculum. Headteachers and leading members of staff of our Flagship Schools are Open Futures Ambassadors. It is their experience, enthusiasm and expertise which will engage others in adopting and developing Open Futures in schools and other educational settings. 

Flagship Schools demonstrate to others how the Open Futures pedagogy can make a major contribution to pupils' learning, motivation and well-being. This includes:

  • Encouraging visits by staff from schools interested in learning more about Open Futures
  • Working with other schools to develop and extend the learning programme
  • Hosting Open Futures CPD workshops
  • Contributing case studies of effective practise for publication by The Open Futures Trust annually
  • Maintaining an active participation in local events, workshops and CPD offered by Open Futures
  • Participating and hosting regional Network meetings
  • Maintaing the quality standard of the programme by refreshing staff training as required
  • Working closely with Open Futues staff to monitor, evaluate and share data relating to the ongoing development and sustainability of Open Futures
What is the Flagship Award?


Flagship Schools are presented with a wall plaque, certificate and guidance pack. The Open Futures Flagship Award should be proudly displayed prominently within your school. The award is given for a period of three years, at which time, schools are invited to re-apply for a renewal for a further three year period.

What are the benefit of being an Open Futures Flagship School?


As well as being part of a growing network of Flagship Schools in the Open Futures network, benefits to Flagship Schools include:

  • Use of the term 'Open Futures Flagship School' on their school literature, website and school signage
  • Access to Flagship School discounts on Open Futures CPD workshops and events
  • 10% discount on Open Futures published materials and resources
  • The opportunity for strand leaders to provide peer to peer training within their cluster of schools by becoming an Open Futures training mentor
We are looking forward to renewing the Flagship Award for our 2013 cohort of schools and to working with our growing set of Flagship Ambassadors going forward!