How Ofsted inspectors have recognised Open Futures

Open Futures has been recognised by numerous Ofsted inspectors ....

This is a good school. The curriculum provides pupils with exciting things to do. The ‘grow it, cook it, film it and ask it’ initiative, for example, motivates pupils extremely well. They talk with enthusiasm about their work in the garden. Literacy and numeracy are taught well through other subject areas

Ofsted Inspection Report - 2013
St John the Baptist CE Primary School, Findon

The exciting range of subjects is firmly based on developing life skills. It provides many high quality creative opportunities, such as  cookery projects like ‘Come Dine with Dad’ using vegetables grown in the school garden.

Ofsted Inspection Report - 2013
Cheetham CE Community Academy, Manchester

The curriculum is extensively enriched by music, sport, visitors and residential visits. For example, pupils in all years take interest in growing and cooking their own vegetables, pupils of all abilities talk enthusiastically about the animated films they make using digital cameras. The wide range of visitors to school, and the many outdoor activities, incorporating an appreciation of the natural world, are the basis for pupils’ good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Ofsted Inspection Report - 2014
Ings Primary School, Hull

A strong feature of the school is the work it does on extending pupils' learning through a variety of initiatives such a gardening, its designation as an Eco-School, and the wide range of activities on offer. Parents are very supportive of the school and all that it has to offer. These comments sum up the views of most of the parents: 'The range of activities both during and after school is better than I could ever have hoped for especially the growit, cookit scheme'.

Ofsted Inspection Report - 2009
Petersgate Infant School, Waterlooville