Research and evaluation

Reviewing our impact

Charities Evaluation Services (CES) Evidence Reviews - COMING SOON!
Evidence Reviews illustrating the benefits of implementing Open Futures' strands (askit, cookit, growit, filmit) in schools

Adapting School Premises as Part of a Complex Pedagogical Change Programme
By Pamela Woolner and Lucy Tiplady
A Chapter from Stadler-Altmann,U, ed. Lernumgebungen. Erziehungswissenschaftliche und architekturkritische Perspektiven auf Schulgebäude und Klassenzimmer.
Opladen/Berlin/Toronto: Barbara Budrich, 2016.

This paper, a case study report of a UK primary school that participated in the Open Futures programme (2011-2013), was presented at the European Education Research Conference in 2014. 

Open Futures evaluation reports 2007-09 – summary of findings
Crucial to the development and dissemination of Open Futures is an independent evaluation by the Centre for Learning and Teaching at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne under the direction of Professor David Leat, Centre Director. The results of the research have recently been published, you can download a PDF of the full report here.