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A More Creative Curriculum
Open Futures at Camberwell Park Specialist Support School 

In 2011, Camberwell Park Specialist Support School in Manchester embarked on a training programme with Open Futures, a unique educational programme that helps teachers to develop pupils’ ability ‘to think and to do’. This book introduces Open Futures and tells the story of how it came to be embraced and embedded at Camberwell Park, showing how Open Futures’s four learning strands - askit, growit, cookit and filmit - came to develop and amplify the school’s existing curriculum, with huge impacts for staff, pupils and the wider school community. 


askit: An Introduction

askit Booklist

cookit Skills Checklist
The information in this booklet focuses on learning and teaching through cooking and food related activities for children aged between 4-11 years. 

Fundraising Toolkit
This toolkit will help schools interested in fundraising to identify funding sources, maximise their chance of success and provide practical guidance and resources to raise money.

growit Skills Checklist