Modular Courses

Open Course modules are available to individual teachers, to small groups of teachers, or as ‘whole school’ modules which we can deliver directly to your school. The training programme is progressive and starts within each of our core strands as level 1 ‘INITIATE’ progresses through to level 2 ‘DEVELOP’ and further to level 3 ‘EMBED’. Each course module is designed to deliver a benchmark of professional learning and is accompanied by a set of high quality resources, enabling teachers to translate what they have learned back in school with their pupils.

We would strongly advise that you start your training with our foundation course, askit level 1 training, which will provide you with the skills to encourage children to think more deeply, and to explore new concepts.

For teachers moving into the individual learning strands of growit, cookit and filmit, most participants start at level 1 'INITIATE' in order to embed the fundamental health, safety and key aspects of working with tools and equipment safely with children,