growit helps children to learn about growing and harvesting their own fruit and vegetables, acquire new skills and develop their knowledge of literacy, numeracy and science.

Developed and delivered in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Societygrowit is a fantastic way of engaging children in the wonders of horticulture.

A key feature of the Open Futures programme, growit has many material benefits. Beyond the appreciation for plants, vegetables and the seasons that children gain, is the fact that children who sow, grow and tend to their own food have shown a fantastic desire to taste and eat the fresh and flavoursome fruits of their labours. Most fun is the fact that children get the chance to experience – via the linked cookit strand – the wonderful feeling of cooking and eating something that they have grown themselves, from a simple seed.

Schools do not need a large and ready plot of available land to take part in growit. Indeed, many of the Open Futures schools have exploited some truly unexpected places to create their garden, all of which are now flourishing and providing a steady stream of food for the kitchen. The techniques employed can be adapted to growing in a traditional style allotment, raised beds, classroom patios or even simply containers.

With advice and assistance given about how to establish the garden, the children are then taught how to use tools and care for their plants and vegetables, from sowing through to harvesting, from tomatoes to potatoes.