Chiltern Primary demonstrates the impact of Open Futures

Chiltern Primary is the sort of school that deserves credit for simply existing as a place of education in an area where education is not, understandably, at the top of the community’s list of priorities. This area is the most deprived ward in Hull – statistically/economically in the bottom 5% of the bottom 2% in the country. Some of the families are into their 3rd generation of unemployment. One could ask, critically but caringly, ‘How open is the future for the children at this school?’ And the answer – statistically – might be: ‘not very’, or even ‘not at all’.
But the impression one is left with after visiting the school is that it is doing exactly the job one would want it to be doing – giving children a hope and vision of a more fulfilling future, along with the competences and personal characteristics that should get them there, all being well.