Training and Support available

Open Futures provides a template for change in schools and an involved and active programme that can bring together experts, schools and the wider community to help drive genuine and lasting advances in the way that children experience learning.

Open Futures is no longer available as a co-ordinated training programme, but by using the Open Futures Handbook, resources and accessing expert training from some of our partners and the organisations recommended below a great deal can be achieved. Anyone interested in using the resources developed through the programme is welcome to visit the Resources Library within this site.

Open Futures continues to be used in several schools nationally, that have embedded it within their curriculum. 

The strand training Open Futures provided was developed with and delivered by our expert partners. Training is still available for each of the strands (askit, growit, cookit and filmit), in some cases from our original partners and where this is not the case we have recommended some excellent organisations.

  • askit was developed with and delivered by SAPERE, the UK Charity for Philosophy 4 Children (P4C). P4C informed the enquiry-based approach to learning at the heart of Open Futures. Training and support is available.
  • growit was developed in partnership with and delivered by the Royal Horticultural Society. Training and support is available
  • cookit was developed by Focus on Food. Focus on Food is no longer delivering training but we recommend contacting Food for Life.
  • filmit was developed by Interaction Designers Andy Cameron and Andy Huntingdon. Training for filmit is no longer available but we would really recommend Bradford Film Literacy and Into film which puts film at the heart of the educational and personal development of children and young people across the UK, both of whom provide training.